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EVA and CA EVA and MS exchange

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Osama Odeh_1
Regular Advisor

EVA and CA EVA and MS exchange

we want to implement disaster recovery site
eva 4000 on both site through Fcip.
how to implement MS exchange 2003 on both site
if one fail the other site will continue service emails without problem ;or we need 3rd party software for ms exchange

Ian Vaughan
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA and CA EVA and MS exchange

The best idea is to boot both nodes of the cluster at the main site from the SAN and have some identical "dark" hardware at the DR site. Replicate all of your volumes (even your C drives) over to the DR site and if you lose your main site boot your "dark" hardware.

This is a very fast & loose description. You need to engage with an HP partner who knows their way around C.A. projects.

There is some planning needed on the LAN & WAN config of your switches and routers to support "foreign" IP addreses suddenly appearing at the DR site but it is do-able.

You will of course need 2 EVA's, 4 Cisco 9216i's or similar, a nice wide pipe between your sites and some CA licenses.

best of luck!
If you need any specific questions answering - just add points & ask away.

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Osama Odeh_1
Regular Advisor

Re: EVA and CA EVA and MS exchange

Thanks Ian,

I read about EVA continuous Access and Stretch Cluster Solution.
can we use Ms exchange on this cenario
by put cluster nodes on both sitesand replicate data by EVA continuous Access.