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EVA and CA

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EVA and CA


I have some Picture files (.jpg, .gif) which are stored on an EVA 4000.
Now I want to purchase another EVA and server and replicate these picture files to remote site. I want to know can I present Vdisk which are located on second EVA and stored replicated files to a server and open files for viewing pictures on it or not (read only access for viewing pictures)?

Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA and CA

Yes this is possible but only if you suspend CA for the LUNs involved.
You can schedule resynchronization of the CA LUNs at your discretion.

What you cannot do is having access to the target LUN if CA is up!

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Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA and CA

There are a lot of considerations you should have, you options to do what you want:

You can use storage snapshot (Need a business copy license) and present this storage to the remote host and do the copy via software.

You can use storage replication (Need a continuous access license) and replicate the data using storage based replication.

You can use a combination of both, snapshot and storage replication to the remote site.

Bandwidht should be a concern about this.

You should not present the same vdisk to the remote host for "read only" access, you should have a snapshot/snapclone.
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