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EVA and Surestore FC60 array power down

Valued Contributor

EVA and Surestore FC60 array power down

Interested to get the group's opinion on procedure/sequence for shutting down these array systems.

Just don't want to cause rebuilds or other crazy things when powering these things down.

In general, here's how I would do it:

1) power down accessing machines ( unix )
2) power down each controller
3) power down each drive unit

Power up would be reverse of above.

Will I have any issues using the above procedure against an EVA 5000 and an FC60?


Mark Poeschl_2
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA and Surestore FC60 array power down

Don't know about an FC60 but for the EVA you:

- Shutdown your Unix OS
- Power down servers
- Shutdown controllers (issued from Command View EVA)
- Power down controllers
- Power down disk shelves
Archunan Muthiah
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA and Surestore FC60 array power down


go from servers, SMA, controllers then disk enclosures.


God is Artist, we are all just brushes
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: EVA and Surestore FC60 array power down

It's the same for the FC60:

- stop the I/O
- power down the controllers (on the power supply - backside)
- wait some minutes
- switch of the JBODs

power on
- switch on the SC10
- wait some minutes (~5 to 10)
- power on the Controllers

Hope this helps!

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