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EVA data erasure tools/commands

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Lyndon Handy
Frequent Advisor

EVA data erasure tools/commands

We need to erase/shred all data on an EVA 5000 before it gets returned at end-of-lease. What tools/commands can be executed on the HSV110 controller or from CV EVA that will perform this function?
The erasure/shredding process needs to be certified for this purpose, ie. with DoD.

Obviously the best method would be to run a utility on the EVA controller itself, rather than have 30+ hosts all running their respective erasure processes against their LUNs.

thanks in advance.
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Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA data erasure tools/commands

There is no certified EVA based method to erase data.
Initializing the EVA will delete all mapping information. It will be almost impossible to reconstruct data contents since the blocks on the individual disk only contain small parts of LUNs.

But... data does not get erased that way!

So the only way will be overwriting the LUNs several times with different patterns using a certified software!

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Re: EVA data erasure tools/commands

if you are going to go host based, there is a FREE windows utility called ERASURE,
that includes the DoD 5220-22.M method
once production is complete, just take a spare server or two and mount all the volumes you need to wipe (i would would do a couple of LUNs at a time)

there is also a FREE linux utility, WIPE,
but i do not think it has the DoD method
Novonil Choudhuri
Frequent Advisor

Re: EVA data erasure tools/commands

Hi You can always write a small shell script something like this and run on all the VDISKs after presenting them to a perticular host.

for i in $i
>dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/dsk/c1t2di bs=1024

You have to change the variables for c,t, and d for different controllers and targets.

dd command will erase all your data.