EVA error

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EVA error

HI Sir or Madam ,

please see the attachment and tell me about the yellow triangle on my disk enclosure and the unknown sign on port P1?

Thanks about your consideration
Víctor Cespón
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Re: EVA error

You have both I/O modules in this enclosure (and probably the other enclosures, since they appear with alert too), showing as Unknown.

What Command View version is this? Is it compatible with the firmware on the EVA? Can you try with Internet Explorer instead of firefox?

Re: EVA error

Check physically the status of the EVA.....if all the disk and enclosures are fine then clear the cache and buffer of your browser and check.

or Check with different browser.

or restart the CV EVA service and check.

What is the CV EVA version ?
I think this is EVA4400 ?
What is the controller firmware version ?

I work for HPE
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