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EVA [general] delete host doen't remove WWN

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EVA [general] delete host doen't remove WWN

Howto remove the Host WWN from the controller "database"

I've seen it on more EVA array with different FW levels.

I've removed an host in CVE and removed all information regarding that host in the zone sets. I aspect that the WWN's belonging to that host is deleted as well on every level.
But it isn't, when I add a new host (using CVE) the old WWN's from previously deleted host are presented in the drop down menu. So I guess it's an CVE issue en restart the CVE service on the appliance. No results.
I fire up SSSU en after selecting the system issue the command ls world_wide_name which gives me all WWN's known to the system and not assigned to a host. I get the same list as in CVE, i concluded that its not CVE which is at fault, but the information is given by the controllers.

How do I remove the obsolete Host WWN's from the controllers?
Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA [general] delete host doen't remove WWN

Restart your commandview services or restart your server to solve this problem.

Re: EVA [general] delete host doen't remove WWN

Already restarted the CVE service which did not resolve the issue. Restart did not do much either.

As described I don't think that the WWN's in the drop down menu are a result of CVE, since SSSU shows them as well when issuing "ls world_wide_name"
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA [general] delete host doen't remove WWN

If the EVA really, really is disconnected from the adapters...

- sometimes it helps to assign those stale WWNs to a dummy host and delete it afterwards.

- there is also a customer advisory that says you need to reboot the EVA !! (complaints to HP, please, not me...)
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA [general] delete host doen't remove WWN


Command View EVA just displays the information sent to it by the controllers in the EVA. As you've discovered it's the controllers that cache the WWNs rather than Command View or the SAN Management Appliance/Server.

To remove the obsolete WWNs you need to restart the controllers :-(

Hope this helps,



Re: EVA [general] delete host doen't remove WWN

I was afraid of that, rebooting the controllers that is. Since thats the only solutions al do just that then.