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EVA - larger disks or slower disks?


EVA - larger disks or slower disks?

I have an EVA8100 which has 168 300GB 15k disks in a single disk group. I had four disks fail over the past couple of months for which my only available replacements were 300GB 10k drives. I have received 450GB 15k drives as my new spares. I know it isn't necessarily ideal but which is 'least bad', slower drives of the same size or larger drives of the same speed? The larger amount of reserved space required for the 450GB disks is not really a concern.

Any thoughts appreciated!
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Re: EVA - larger disks or slower disks?

So HP ran out of 300GB/15k Nearline Drives eh?

I believe you should opt for the 450's. It will likely eman each 450 will waste about 150G of space as the majority reigns in maintiaing your RSS/stripes
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