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EVA management server connection

Dave Chamberlin
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EVA management server connection

I have an EVA 4400 direct conencted to my rp7420 server. The management server is connected to the EVA via fiber. We are looking at attaching the EVA to a NetApp appliance and they need 2 fiber connections - but now I only have 1 left. Is there a way to manage the array without a fiber connection (to free up the fiber port I need)?
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Re: EVA management server connection

yes this is possible. This can be done by upgrading EVA management Module firmware to the latest (CVEVA 8.1) . Management Module is the module which you can see in the middle of controller enclosure as on top of both the controllers. Once you upgrade Management Module(MM) firmware , the CVEVA 8.1 is installed on MM which can be accessed through the LAN port on MM. this need XCS 09006000 atleast.

You can see more details on below links.
Rememebr that CVEVA8.1 can only be installed on MM (not on normal windows servers ) and has some limitation like dont support Continuous Access. Please go through the document before planning upgrade. download is available on software.hp.com


Refer page6 on below link for installation


hope this helps
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Re: EVA management server connection


also remember that if you limit your EVA management to the LAN-accessed management module, you will lose automatic error detecting and reporting which is normally done by SEA installed on the WINDOWS management server. Also, should any trouble pop up, it won't be reported to HP automatically via ISEE which also resides on the CV server.

So in this way, you will trade out-of-band management for monitoring and failure detection.

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Re: EVA management server connection

Hi Dave,

if you have multiple systems connected to the eva I would use a fc switch per path - this would be the only real solution now.

Hope this helps!

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