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EVA not responding anymore

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EVA not responding anymore

Help Again!

Now I cancelled the sssu and rebooted my Commandview-Server. Now my Browser can't connect to Commandview EVA: "loading..."
In a tracefile I can see entries like
"Aug/21/2009 12:32:19.502443, cveva, 1376, 6060, 1, locks, 293, Thread is still waiting for global read lock"

What can I do (without ipact to my ESX-Cluster :-)


Víctor Cespón
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Re: EVA not responding anymore

Go to C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\SANworks\Element Manager for StorageWorks HSV

Run cvutil release_locks -wwn

is the WWN of your EVA

Update CV to 9.1

Update firmware on the EVA4400 to 09522000 as soon as you can schedule a full shutdown.
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Re: EVA not responding anymore

Thank you for the advice!

I already requested an offering for a fw-update from HP...

Now I did a release_locks but I still can't connect:

SSSU for HP StorageWorks Command View EVA
Version: 8.0.1
Build: 050808A