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EVA or VMware issue?

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Darren Parker
Occasional Advisor

EVA or VMware issue?

We have a vdisk on an EVA8100 that was created using CA from an EVA5000 on 12-4-07. The vdisk is presented as a Raw Data Mapping to a VMware Virtual Machine since it is 600GB. I've checked the RDM LUN number over and over to make sure the VM is writing to the correct vdisk.

The problem I'm having is that when we snapclone, snapshot or mirrorclone the vdisk and present it to a backup server (non-VM), there is no data on the vdisk newer than 12-11-07. I can create new folders and files on the vdisk from the VM, but they do not appear on the snaps taken just after the files are added.

We have shut down the VM and presented the vdisk to a physical server and again, it doesn't show any data past 12-11-07, but when we power up the VM again, the data is current.

All our testing seems to indicate that the VM is writing to a different vdisk, however we don't have any other 600GB vdisks presented to the ESX servers and the source vdisk on the EVA 5000 is not presented to any hosts.

We are doing lan-based backups for now to get all of the data, so I wanted to run this by everyone for ideas before we create a new vdisk and restore from tape.

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA or VMware issue?

That sounds as if the VM is running with a VMware snapshot. Do you see any *delta* files near the RDM pointer?
Darren Parker
Occasional Advisor

Re: EVA or VMware issue?

You are absolutely correct! I did some checking and found that someone created a VM snap on 12-11-07 before installing VMtools. Thanks for the help!