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EVA physical Disk replacement policie

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EVA physical Disk replacement policie


We are facing the situation to replace several 300 GB disks against several 400 GB disks in one of our EVA (8000).

What is the best and efficient way to do this ?

My idea:
-ungroup the disks
-physical remove the disks one by one (EVA beginns to whistle)
-waiting until EVA stops whistle.
-put in one disk by one until finish.

Thanks for response.
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Re: EVA physical Disk replacement policie

Add one step:

- group the new disk(s)

Hope this helps!

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Uwe Zessin
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Re: EVA physical Disk replacement policie

There is a [Remove] button on the properties page of an ungrouped disk drive. I would use this one to signal the EVA to remove the drive from its configuration and not just pull the drive.

When you put in the new drives, I would put in one drive and wait until it has been properly recognized by Command View EVA. Otherwise you might end up with all kinds of strange output (e.g. wrong number of disk drives) due to duplicate disk drive names.

And yes, I you want to make use of the disk capacity ;-)
form a new group or add to an existing one.
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Re: EVA physical Disk replacement policie

the prerequisite to the correct ungroup is always the sufficient free capacity and the single disk protection (2 virtual spares) in the DG.
Only when these conditions are met the disk can be ungrouped. Otherwise there is a risk of a situation in which the leveling will block the ungroup after the single disk protection was switched off to none
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Re: EVA physical Disk replacement policie

In addition, before you group your replacement disk make sure the EVA (Command View) can read the properties of the new disk and check the disk firmware. You should upgrade the disk firmware to the same level as the rest of your disks of the same geometry.
Uwe Zessin
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Re: EVA physical Disk replacement policie

> same geometry.

I think you meant to write "model number", because there can still be different models even from different vendors which provide, e.g. 300GB 15kRPM.

Fortunately, a system wide online-load with the firmware bundle will take care of everything and you even have the choice to save reports (before/after).