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EVA3000 disk fail

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EVA3000 disk fail

dear all
i have problem about EVA3000,first time i found one disk failed (found on web and status LED is alerted )and then i'll prepare to replace new disk i check status on web so i found another one disk status fail but status LED isn't alert,i decide to replace new disk at first disk fail.before i replace new disk
i check on web for ungroup on disk failed,but i can't ,so i manual swap disk failed with new disk.when i check on web i found problem about all disk volume lost.i reinitial all volume disk. i lost my data

1.what happen on this case
2.in this case how i do
3.how recovery my data when i initial already

thanks you
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA3000 disk fail

Hi wat,

It's not clear from your question exactly what you've done, however it sounds as though you have reinitialised your EVA.

If that is the case, there is no way to recover your data, other than to restore from your backups.

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Re: EVA3000 disk fail

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your reply and sorry for my unclear explanation. Ok I'll try to make it clear again

I'd one disk failed on my EVA3000, I checked the status from web console and also the orange light was alerted on the disk unit. I tried to ungroup the failed disk on the web console, but it'd no "Ungroup" botton to click (sounds like the EVA3000 couldn't detect this disk unit).
Then I manually removed the disk without ungrouping it from its group and replaced it with the new good one.
After that, I'd checked on the web console, I found out that all my disk volume I'd created were disappear and can't be retrived.

Can someone help me on this :

1. What did i do wrong to make all the volume group disappeared?
2. Is there anyway to recover all my lost data (If all the disks were not initialized)?
3. Do you know why the "Ungroup" botton didn't display? And what is the right way to replace the failed disk if the ungroup botton
do not show?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Juan B.S.R.
Trusted Contributor

Re: EVA3000 disk fail

Sometimes if the failed disk is inaccessible you cannot ungroup the disk and the "ungroup" button is not shown, the only way is to replace the failed disk.
I mean that the only way to lose all volumes is in the case that you use Vraid0 volumes or you have got more than 1 failed disks.
Is the "Disk failure protection" for the disk group in single mode or none?

Best regards.
Ildar Abulkhanov
Occasional Visitor

Re: EVA3000 disk fail

I have the same problem, but with eva 5k.
One disk failed, but when i choose it in CV i can`t ungroup or remove it, becuse buttons are inactive and i see text that disk is undefinable. I know that i can remove disk without ungroup it, but i don`t want to lose data and want to try replace it carefully, if it possible.
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Re: EVA3000 disk fail

As mentioned earlier - check if you have any Vraid0 in that diskgroup.

Hope this helps!

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Ildar Abulkhanov
Occasional Visitor

Re: EVA3000 disk fail

So, if i have only vraid1 and vraid5 with single level protection i shouldn`t lose any information ?