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EVA3000 fw upgrade to 4.1 (active/active)

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EVA3000 fw upgrade to 4.1 (active/active)

we are planning to upgrade an EVA3000 fw from vcs3.028 to vcs4.100. so we will move from an active/passive fw to an active/active one

on the hpux hosts connected to this eva, we have secure path active/passive

do we need to remove secure path active/passive and install active/active version?

if we upgrade eva fw and don't modify secure path. can the hosts access the eva ?

if we need to modify secure path, what about lvm config. i guess that the new secure path will change disk device file so we need to vgimport and vgexport the volume groups
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA3000 fw upgrade to 4.1 (active/active)

If the Secure Path version is recent enough, you can leave it on the system and it will ignore the EVA after the upgrade, but it will complain that it does not find the old LUNs.
You can clean them up, but I think it is better to remove the product after the migration turned out successful.

You do not _have_ to upgrade to Secure Path Active/Active. LVM/PVlinks runs fine without - all that Secure Path Active/Active gives you is dynamic load balancing.

Secure Path A/P did create a new controller that is no longer present after the migration.
So, yes, the hardware paths will change.
You will use the hardware paths instead. Tip: add all paths to the LVM configuration, even if you use Secure Path A/A and it works with one path.