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EVA3000 with Progress database

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EVA3000 with Progress database

We intend to buy a EVA3000 with two DL740 with Linux to serve our ERP applicattion.
We use Progress database to build our ERP.
But progress says that they don't support array virualization or NFS systems.
Anyone has any experience with EVAs and Progress ?
They say that they need separate phisical disks because of performance, the database and BeforeWrite transactions separeted.
How can I configure EVA to do that ?
And what about NFS ? Is EVA a NFS system, that is a volume only disponibilized by the appliance ?
Christian Schwartz-Søre
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Re: EVA3000 with Progress database

Typical response from someone who doesn't understand the concept of virtualisation.
Either they do not understand it, because they are used to the traditional RAID systems, or because they have a hidden agenda, trying to push some other hardware vendors products with whom they have a partnership.

There's app. 20% performance diference between VRAID 1 and VRAID 5. Depending on the number of drives you have in your EVA, you can configure 1 or 2 diskgroups. One group fra transaction logs and one for the database, thus seperating the 2 diffferent IO patterns. If you have a significant number of drives you can maintain 1 diskgroup, with a VR1 fra logs and a VR5 for data, og VR1 for data depending on your perf. requirements and redundancy.
A virtualised system like the EVA system will deliver more than enough perf. for your database probably either way.