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Darren Murray_1
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Hi everyone,

I have a EVA3000 with 28 x 146Gb drives.

I have 3 hosts that I want to attach to the EVA.

We are not using snapshot or clone

Would appreciate anyone thoughts on what I am proposing

Creating 1 Large Disk group with all drives.

Is there any limitation on the size of a disk group?

Then create Virtual disks out of that one group and present to each of the different hosts.

Thanks for your help
Another Ex-DECcie
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Re: EVA3000

Its best to refer to the following document:
"HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array 3000 and 5000 configuration best practices - white paper"
available to download from:
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Re: EVA3000

It depends if your servers are doing similar workloads and for the same purpose. I would only split the disks up if the servers were "owned" by different parts of the company and demanded seperate disk allocations, otherwise keep them as 1 disk group.

You can have up to 56 Disks in a Disk Group in a EVA3000 so you're not close to hitting any limits.
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Re: EVA3000

Limitation is in the size of the lun that is 2000MB.
So you can present LUNs with max size of 2TB and no problem.

But read more about best practice links