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EVA4000 Licensse

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EVA4000 Licensse

I have an EVA4000 and when I install the Command View EVA 9.3 and entrance to the administration shows me a warning message and tells me that requiring a license, plus I can only create virtual disks up to 2TB, as I can know which licenses come with EVA?

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: EVA4000 Licensse

Does it even come with a license?
I think you need to buy one.

If it says you can only create up to 2TB vdisks, that means you have 2x 1TB CV General License. I think the recommendation is to use the 1T licenses up to 4TB but if your total space goes above that you should probably go with the unlimited license.

There are also licenses for business copy and continuous access.

Re: EVA4000 Licensse

I think you have 2x 1TB limited(base) Command View License.

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Uwe Zessin
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Re: EVA4000 Licensse

The EVA-4000 cannot create virtual disks larger than 2047GB.


The CV-EVA capacity license limits the amout of raw disk space.

If you have more disk capacity than licensed you cannot add new disk drives to a disk group.

I thought that you might not be able to create any virtual disks either,

but I could be wrong or that has changed.