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EVA4000 Setup Questions

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EVA4000 Setup Questions

Hi All,

We bought a refurbished HP EVA4000 unit. It didn't come with any setup instructions, and I'm wondering if someone here could provide me with help.

It has two HSV200's and two drive enclosures. Each drive enclosure has an "A" and "B" card. Should I hook a cable from Port 1 (A) on the first enclosure to Port DP1A on the first HSV... And a cable from Port 1 (A) on the second enclosure to Port DP1A on the second HSV.... And then daisy chain the two enclosures ports 2 (A) together??? Then do the same for the B cards?????

I've already got the MP ports connected together between the two HSV's.

Any other advice, other than connecting them to the fiber channel switch and connecting it to the network... Then using the command view to do the rest???


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Re: EVA4000 Setup Questions



page 37 ...

Hope this helps!

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Re: EVA4000 Setup Questions

You should really be trained to do this if you plan to use the system for production.

Would probabely not be a bad idea to buy the services from HP or a HP ABSP partner. This would also be a lot quicker than figuring out the config by yourself.

Just my opinion.