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EVA4000 controller replacement procedure

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EVA4000 controller replacement procedure

Hi Guys,

A controller in my EVA4000 needs replacement.

Can you please direct me to the correct procedure?

Additional information:
Controller A is faulty. Controller B is working fine.
Controller is HSV200-A

Thanks in advance
Víctor Cespón
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Re: EVA4000 controller replacement procedure

Just power off the controller, disconnect all cables, remove the flash memory card on the back of the controller, battery, power supplies and fans.
Insert everything back on the new controller, plug the cables back as they were.

By the way, in which way controller A is faulty? having a "soft diagnostic failure" warning does NOT mean that you need to replace the controller. Has an HP certified techinician diagnosed it?
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Re: EVA4000 controller replacement procedure

Do you have access to HP Smartportal?
If so login and then select "Partner services Media Library"
This opens a new window for what is the new home for the Services Media Library (SML).
Now just select storage in the fierst window, evas in the second and then evaxxx in the third. You will now have access to video's etc to help you out.
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Re: failiure controller replacement procedure

So , the soft diagnostic failure , do you know how can it be fixed as I have it and everything is working fine but it is a warning at the end !!!!!