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EVA4000 remains in the Unknown hardware list.

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EVA4000 remains in the Unknown hardware list.

Hi all.

I have an EVA4000 with several Windows2003R2 servers. 1 HP DL360 sees the EVA perfectly. All others that are Alliance systems (not my choice) that have HP HBA's keep the HSV200 controllers in the unknown hardware list. The drivers are installed, MPIO and HBA Anywhere. After rebooting the HSV200's remain unknown hardware. I never saw something like this happen. Anybody got any idea's?

Thanks in advance.
If it works perfectly, it must be broke.
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA4000 remains in the Unknown hardware list.

The servers are just missing a small .INF file which contains the proper inquiry strings. Normally, they are installed as part of the device driver installation when you use the HP-branded installer (cpXXXXX.exe).