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EVA4100/windows2003 direct connected

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EVA4100/windows2003 direct connected

server: 2 ML570 with windows2003
MPIO 2.01.00
2 emulex HBA Card per server
EVA4100: Firmware 6.1 with 8 309GB HDDs
each port has been configured as "direct connect"

CommandViewEVA: 7.1 installed on one ML570 server
we can create vdisk and present to 2 server
on one server we can create partition and make format the partition, read and write normal.
when shutdown this server and boot up other server, the second server can use the disks on EVA normally.

when boot up 2 servers on the same time, the server will hang at boot up sequence.
when unplug Fibre cable, it can boot up normally
these 2 server will install RoseHA software
so, cu want to see the shared disks on 2 servers at same time.
if we delete the partition on the shared disks.
2 server will boot up successfully!

what's wrong in this configuration?
Ivan Ferreira
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Re: EVA4100/windows2003 direct connected

Maybe some kind of SCSI reservation problem.

Try configuring windows to not mount automatically the LUNs.


Install the software before presenting the LUNS.

Ensure that zoning configuration is correct.
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Re: EVA4100/windows2003 direct connected

thanks for ur reply.
cu has changed their OS to microsoft windows 2003 server enterprise edition.
EVA are direct conneted to ML370 server.
so no zoning will be configure in this case.
i have delete the partition on all the shared disks
and now 2 server will boot up successfully.
cu will set up cluster with microsoft cluster tomorrow.
and i am waiting for their result.

thanks again