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EVA4400 CA replication

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EVA4400 CA replication

Hi We have 2 EVA 4400. Both are at same place.
Now I want to replicate the VDISK from one EVA to another using CA. But CA is not licensed .
In the licensing tab of CV it showing expired.
Can I formate the Command view EVA sever and reinstall the CV , is it possible to use the 60 days trial period CA and replication.???

Re: EVA4400 CA replication

You can use CA in the 60 days trial period but reinstalling CV does not start a new trial period.

Steven Clementi
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Re: EVA4400 CA replication

If you were to re-install the operating system, and re-install Command View...

...you would get the 60 day trial period.

What do you need to CA the disk for? Is it a temporary "thing"?

There are other ways to replicate your data if you are moving from one array to another.

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Re: EVA4400 CA replication

Yes, It is only for temporary replication.

Now Both the EVA is seperate. No ISL is connected between both the EVA.
Bothe EVA has managemnt server.

Migration is going on. So I want to move the
vdsik to another EVA.

Now I will connect both SAN switches (ISL).

Is it necessary to reinstall bothe the mgmt server or just remove the other EVA mgmt server from the switch and only reinstall the other mgmt server.??

Also I want to know what are the steps to configure ISL??