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EVA4400 Command View detects array is inoperative.

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EVA4400 Command View detects array is inoperative.

I am having some problems with EVA4400. after a full shut down of the server due to over heating issues. Ive rebooted the whole system and all blade servers seems to be functioning without a problem. when I log though command view I am getting error:
"Command view EVA has detected this array is inoperative. Contact HP Support" and "All disk groups in the storage system are RAID1 inoperable".

All disks in the shelf show green and if I reseat a single disk all other disks shelves recognizing the change. I have allot of virtual machines and important data stored on the system in different vdisks.

I need to note when I restarted the server first time I noticed that one of the the disk enclosures where not lit (all of the disks in that enclosure) so I removed one disk at a time on that single enclosure and put them back in and it seems to recognize it. when I rebooted the second time all disks lit up green.

Can anybody point me in the right direction? The controllers shows good status in the command view web interface so I assume the problem is else where

Any suggestions and advice would be much appreciated.
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Re: EVA4400 Command View detects array is inoperative.


have you tried to restart both controllers? Maybe the controllers came online before all disks have spin up. Otherwise log a call at the HP support.

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Re: EVA4400 Command View detects array is inoperative.


There is a observed issue with EVA4400 with XCS below 9004. If Array is shutodown due abruptly, all vdisk status will be Failed state. We need to click on the each vdisk and need to click on "use vdisk as is".

We have got the same situation 3 times and resolved as explained.

If this is not the case, just ensure that controllers are powered on after 3-4 min of Disk Enclosures powered on.

Final way is to log a HP support case.