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EVA4400 XCS Firmware Update

Emad Omar
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EVA4400 XCS Firmware Update



I'm going to update EVA4400 XCS Firmware from XCS0900600 to XCS11200000.

Please what is the best practice and sequence for this update.


Also I need to draw your attention that current CV is 9.0 and the update will be to v10.3


Please provide your help . . . .




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Re: EVA4400 XCS Firmware Update

Hi Emad,


For detailed information, please refer to HP P6000 EVA Updating Product Software Guide (XCS 11200000) (5697-2483, September 2013)

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Re: EVA4400 XCS Firmware Update



Your version is obsolete (inactive) since 31 Jan 2010.


You should first offline update the array to 09534000, then 10001000, then 11200000.


But first uninstall CV and install 10.3.


Don't forget the management module and disk firmware.


Update order:


- management module and CV

- XCS firmware

- disks


See the product update guide for details.

Hope this helps!

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