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EVA4400 - choosing a type of disk drives

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EVA4400 - choosing a type of disk drives

From quick specifications doc of EVA4400 you can read that there are, among others, the following available disk drives:
300GB 15K rpm
450GB 15K rpm
600GB 15K rpm

Other than price and capacity, is there any other thing that makes a difference between them: performance,...?

I don´t know whether to fit a new EVA4400 that we are going to purchase with 600GB 15k disk drives, 450 or 300. According to my capacity needs, we would better fit it with 600GB drives, but don´t know if there is some downside than using 300GB disk drives for example.

Jan Soska
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Re: EVA4400 - choosing a type of disk drives

pick your disk and have this on mind:

1) One disk group must have at least 8 disk - so buy at least 8 at begining.
2) If you care of IOPS, pick as many smaller disk (15K) as you can afford. Each disk spindle give you IOPS bonus. Or go to SSD - it is available for EVA, but at horror price. :)
3) if you care only of capacity, choose bigger 10K drives or go to FATA drives - biggest but slowest.

generally, there are 4 types of disk for EVA:
1: tier 0 - ssd - speed champions, but small
2: tier 1 - fast 15K FC
3: tier 2 - medium, still fast 10K FC
4: tier 3 - slow and big Fata

Check you application need and tier your EVA maybe with all types of drives - ssd for small DB, 15K FC for bigger DB and App, Fata for testing and backup...