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EVA4400 losing OS_Unit_ID


EVA4400 losing OS_Unit_ID

We had HP update our EVA 4400 firmware last weekend and we ran into a prblem booting our VMS cluster. Something caused the EVA 4400 to lose some of the OS_Unit_Ids.
We have a case into HP and it has been past up to engineering. We are now on Command view 9.1 and firmware 09522000. At first we were told that it was just that command view is not displaying the OS Id's properly. But the disks without a valid OS ID will not mount.
I was wondering if any other VMS sites were seeing this same issue. For VMS this is a must have field, unique to each disk.
It is a good thing that VMS is very stable and we don't have to reboot very often. But right now we would have to unpresent the disks, fix the OS ID's, present the disks and then try to boot the system and see if we got all the disks mounted.
We have gone through the process of putting the OS ID's back and then finding them missing some time later. Even using SSSU shows the same thing that we see in Command view.
bob davidson
Rob Leadbeater
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Re: EVA4400 losing OS_Unit_ID

Hi Bob,

This advisory:


looks relevant, but suggests that it is just the GUI that is not displaying the Unit ID as you've been told...

This sure sounds like another bug in the XCS firmware...



Re: EVA4400 losing OS_Unit_ID

Thanks for the reply. We saw that and I put in the OS ID's in the comment field to make life easier on recovery. But we have discovered it is more then just not displaying the ID's properly.
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Re: EVA4400 losing OS_Unit_ID


I confirm the os_unit_id disapear from display and from sssu capture. After un Manap reboot you don't have the same result some of the vluns lose their unit_id and some other regain it.