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EVA4400 maximum.. available space ?

Yoo, Jin-Seok
Occasional Contributor

EVA4400 maximum.. available space ?


I've install EVA4400
default disk group have 20 disks
I set the sparing level double
alarm level 95%
all space are vraid-5

I'm making the report nodw.
unfortunately I fotgot the maximum available space.

anyone help me?

thans in advance...!!

Respected Contributor

Re: EVA4400 maximum.. available space ?

I'm not sure if i understand you clearly, but if you just want to know how much usable space you'll have here's the approximate calculation:

X = R - Disk_Size * M - L

Where "R" is total raw space (in your case assuming all disks in group are the same size it will be 20*Disk_Size), M means sparing level (4 in your case), L means how much space you'll loose in RAID (one disk size in your case).

Valued Contributor

Re: EVA4400 maximum.. available space ?

Say if you have 20 disks of 300GB,
Formatted capacity of 300GB disk will be 279GB approx

You have double production level for disk group (so minus 4 disk space)

So total formatted capacity 16*279=4464
Usable space after alarm level 95% is =4240
Raid 0 Usable space =4240
Raid 5 Usable space(80% of Raid0 space)=3392