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EVA4400 move to array based management

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Occasional Advisor

EVA4400 move to array based management

Hi folks,

According to the documentation that comes with Command View EVA 9.1, you can move to array based management. What it doesn't say, is whether the move is entirely non-disruptive. Currently, we have CV EVA 8.0.1 installed on a server. Our EVA4400 is running firmware version 09003000. Am I correct in the assumption I can just install the ABM.pkg file on the management module and remove CV EVA from the server during business hours?

Also, is there a minimum firmware for the HSV300 controllers for use with array based management?

And finally, can CV EVA on a server co-exist with array based management? Not that I intend to use them simultaneously, but it would be nice to still have a back door if the ABM install somehow fails.

Much obliged...
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA4400 move to array based management

I don't have the compatibility list with me right now, but I think you need at least XCS 09006000 (maybe the "6" is not in the right column ;-) From some experience you might really want to upgrade to the latest version (09522000) anyway. It is supposed to fix most of the bugs in the previous releases and(!) provides support for new cache DIMMs.

Once the EVA-4400 is ABM-capable it is just a 'take-over' click like if you were to switch between two SBM boxes.

However, I *strongly* recommend that you keep your SBM as the ABM can still not be used to do upgrades to the disk drive firmware. Maybe there are still some more limitations - does the current IRSS/IRSA work with ABM?
Moving back from ABM to SBM is just another 'takeover'.
Occasional Advisor

Re: EVA4400 move to array based management

Thanks, Uwe.

So the recommended course of action would be to:

- Upgrade CV EVA on the management server to 9.1
- Upgrade the controller firmware to 09522000
- Install ABM package to create a backdoor just in case the SBM fails


Also, would you recommend I upgrade CV EVA during business hours? I know the EVA has to be taken offline for the firmware upgrade anyway, but I'd like to perform the CV EVA upgrade at least a week prior to that. Just following my own rule "don't change too much at once".
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA4400 move to array based management

Command View can be installed at any moment, is does not affect the server access to the EVA

There are several firmwares for the management module that include Command View

0001.3000 (mmp.0001.3000) (Command View 9.01.00)
0001.2010 (mmp.0001.2010) (Command View 9.00.01)
0001.2000 (mmp.0001.2000) (Command View 9.00.00)
0001.1000 (mmp.0001.1000) (Command View 8.01.00)

You must check compatibility tables so that the Command View version you're going to use (ABM or SBM) is compatible with the firmware on the EVA.


ABM and SBM can coexist, when accessing from the other Command View, you'll get a warning saying that the EVA is being managed by another Command View, and you can take control from it.

ABM Command View is more limited than the Windows version, but can be used if management from the outside does not work.
Occasional Advisor

Re: EVA4400 move to array based management

Thanks for the link. Fortunately, CV EVA 9.1 is supported for use with XCS 09003000.

Niels Vejrup Pedersen
Respected Contributor

Re: EVA4400 move to array based management

Be aware to upgrade th ABM to 0001.3000 (mmp.0001.3000) (Command View 9.01.00)
you will need fw 09006000.