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EVA4400 w. iSCSI con. opt. & Solaris 9


EVA4400 w. iSCSI con. opt. & Solaris 9

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I have another obe problem with subject.
One question: is it possible to present EVA disks to Solaris 9? I found following requirement in manual:
"3. Verify that you are running a Solaris 10 1/06 or later release." because "The Solaris iSCSI driver is included in the Solaris 10 operating system with the following software
• SUNWiscsir–Sun iSCSI Device Driver (root)
• SUNWiscsiu–Sun iSCSI Management Utilities (usr)" ((

Is it possible to bypass this or not?
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Re: EVA4400 w. iSCSI con. opt. & Solaris 9

any HP`s iSCSI storages doesn`t support Solaris 9 (EVA, MSA - P2000, LeftHand - P4000 etc.)

So you have two options:

1. Upgrade your system to at least Solaris 10 1/06 and use the Sun written driver.

2. Cisco had a driver for Solaris 9 that they no longer support, and was only for Cisco storage customers anyway, that some people had problems
with various versions of Solaris 9.

Also, Solaris 8/9 would be much better to connect with FC to a SAN volume
than iSCSI at this point in time.

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