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rahul vaidya
Occasional Contributor


Initial Setup :- 1 EVA8K with 2* HP 4/16 switch ( say primary switches) and command view. The storage is visible in EVA8K.

Current Setup :- We have installed 1 EVA4K ,2 * HP 4/16 new switches (say secondary switches) in another building and established the link between the primary and secondary switches.

The Problem: We are able to see the EVA4K in the windows device manger but EVA4K is not getting detected in command view. The firmware on all the switches is fabric OS 5.1.0b.Right now only port No 15 is used for cascading the switches.Attached is the output of switchshow command.
Any Help is appreciated.
Super Advisor


I do not guess it is related to the switches, as long as you have one link to the storage volume you are good. check to see the drivers of the fibre channel cards on the windows system.
Try to do a fcping from the switches to the windows servers.
as a test remove the link of the second switch and operate with only one switch, if everything goes right then you can know that the problem is related to the switch configuration. otherwise you will minimize the possibilities of error.