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EVA4k snapshot backup

Frantisek Kysela
Valued Contributor

EVA4k snapshot backup

I have EVA4000, XCS 5.031, CV EVA 4.11, BC license. I tried a snapshot backup W2k3 server's LUNs with DataProtector 5.5 ZDB extension. Backup works fine, but finished as completed/errors although all backup process was really ok at all.
On session report i have this message:

Failed to unpresent a target volume from the backup host:
A Command View EVA command failed on the server side. Error description: Api Invalid PresentedUnit ID

I find source of this problem. There is a message in controller event log:

An HSV200 controller has processed a
Storage System Management Interface
command with the result of non-success
return code.

; Storage System Management Interface
command: *Logical Disk Get Condition*;
Return code: *Target BAD NOID*;
Internal command version: 0x00002710;
Internal target:

This is not really problem. Snapshot is created, presented, unpresented, and cleared ok. But I want to clean this incident.
Have anybody some idea?
Thank you for answers.

If anything just cannot go wrong, it will anyway.