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EVA5000 2C2D without switches

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EVA5000 2C2D without switches


we do have an EVA5000 (originally 2C2D) now in an 2C4D configuration without loop switches. Does anybody know how to upgrade the EVA with these switches (the so called loop switch kit), is a downtime required or can it be done online? Is there a manual somewhere?
We do not want a new EVA, by the way. We can get that kit (AD553AR) at an interestingly low prize.

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA5000 2C2D without switches

Hi Karsten,

I'm sure I've seen a manual for doing this in the past, but a lot of the old EVA5000 technical documents appear to have disappeared... I'll keep looking.

Anyway, you should prepare for some downtime. Whilst it's probably feasible to introduce the loop switches into a live system, I'd feel much happier doing it with the power off, just in case.

I know what you mean about prices for old EVAs. There are some bargains around at the moment. This is probably because HP have set the maintenance figure so high, which makes it more logical to buy a new EVA bundled with 3 year 24x7x4 support...