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EVA5000 Failed Cache batteries


EVA5000 Failed Cache batteries


I have an old EVA5000 is which the cache batteries have failed. A you can imagine it's taking some time to source the replacement parts for this old unit...

It looks like the EVA has depresented all the vDisks from the hosts, which I understand is the default behavior in this situation.

All the vDisks currently have a write cache policy of write-back. My question is can I change this to write-through to allow them to be presented to the hosts until the replacement batteries arrive?

I know this will have a heavy performance impact, but I only have one or two critical vDisks that I need to present, all others can remain offline until the batteries arrive.

Thanks for your help

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA5000 Failed Cache batteries


I actually asked somebody to try this a while ago, but never got a response back.

I can't see any harm in trying to move them into write-through, as you can just flip it back when you get the new batteries.

One thing you want to check before putting the batteries in: see for corrosion/miscoloring on the battery connector or more importantly inside the controller. If you see, you may want to get a new controller(s).
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA5000 Failed Cache batteries

From what I have seen/heard so far: you cannot access your own data if the EVA decides that the batteries have failed. There is no write-through operation and no override switch.