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EVA5000: Levelling Process

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EVA5000: Levelling Process

HI All,
i am using EVA5000 with 2C2D configuration.Bith shelves are equipped with 9 146GB FC hard disk. One default disk group have been configured which comprise of all the disks and RAID5 have been configured with single fault tolerance.Recently we had 2 disks failure one from each shelf.i have replaced one hard disk and it has been automatically added in the ungrouped disk.when i removed the faulty disk to add new disk at that time the levelling process had started and it is almost 3 days and still the levelling process has reached at just 8% and just keep roaming around at this level.one this process completes then i will group the newly inserted disk and then the levelling process will start again.But this process is taken too much time and this worries me.if any one have any clue just let me know.
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Re: EVA5000: Levelling Process

My of my... another acting EVA5000.. You must probably have a couple of the reportedley "bad batch" of disks with the bad firmware plugged to your bad EVA5000..

We've had some similar occurences n the last 3 months... we always end up calling HP to fix it.. where the fix ranges from rebooting the controllers and replacing other disks. At one point they upgrraded our FW to 3.014 which did not fix the baad disk fw problems..

Are you running VCS 3.014 as well..? Maybe 3.030 will fix this.. we're awaiting word from HP tough as it is a new release and they're still awaiting word from the wild for issues....
Hakuna Matata.
Nagarajan Balakrishnan_1
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Re: EVA5000: Levelling Process


Whatever it takes, please wait till the levelling completes. When you say the levelling has stayed close to 8%, that means the additional failure had triggered internally another process of re-calculating the parity, etc. Dont worry. If you let the firmware do the work, that is better as it would restart the levelling and complete. Only than you are allowed to do any additions/ deletions of disks!

For the time being, you dont have a chance. But, rest assured your data would be safe if you allow the system to complete the levelling. Though it is frustrating to wait, I dont think you have any other option but to wait.