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EVA5000 PDU circuit breakers

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EVA5000 PDU circuit breakers

hi All,

Can some one tell me that in which situations EVA5000 PSU’s circuit breakers automatically turned off? Actually I have faced array’s both PDU tripped OFF automatically last night when only one power source goes down, although power supplied to both PDU’s coming form different sources.

Thanks in Advance
Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA5000 PDU circuit breakers


what fuses have the circuits got? The EVA PDUs require 32A each. It's possible that when one power line failed, that the other one suddenly required a lot more power (the fans in the disk shelves all switch to high speed when a power supply fails). If the fuse could not cope with that much current rushing in, it could have tripped, causing a total power failure in your EVA.

Pat Obrien_1
Regular Advisor

Re: EVA5000 PDU circuit breakers

You sure the second one tripped. There are versions of vcs which the second controller will go down for a multitude of issues. I have troubleshot several of these issues, and the second controller will shutdown after some time depending on the issue. Have HP review your logs for a better understanding. I have 1 eva that gets loop errors when one power feed comes back on causing both controllers to reboot. Waiting to upgrade vcs. I had a different controler pair that when side A power went off, then came back on, and side B power went off each with about 15 minutes between, that the return of power on B cause both controllers to shut down. There is a vcs bug where when one side power goes away, the fans speed up, but thermal calucations are wrong causing thermal shutdown for protection.

The bottom line is to be sure the second one trips and does not power off for other reasons.