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EVA5000; Storage Management Appliance update to 2.0 problems

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EVA5000; Storage Management Appliance update to 2.0 problems

(Beware the long message :)

As stated, I have ("had") an EVA5000 and a Storage Management Appliance

("SMA") vI.

I wanted to take the SMA to version 2.0 of the software. (eventually,

I plan to go to VCS3.000 and SMA v3.0).

I was running version 1.0C of the SMA software. Some time ago, I had

applied all the Service Packs to SMA 1.0C (thru 1.0C SP5). Basically,

these took HSV Element Manager to 2.0a ( and HSG Element

Manager to 1.0D.

Yesterday, I successfully upgraded the EVA VCS code to version 2.003 .
(During that process, I disabled the Array password via the OCP.)

Today, I downloaded the SMA v2.0 CD ISO image and created the v2.0 CD

with no problems -- it looks good.

I then tried to update the San Management Appliance to 2.0 via the

procedure outlined in the Install Card and User Guide -- connecting

from a client browser on another machine, running "Installation

Services", and specifying the CD-ROM. It is very straightforward and

seemed to go without a hitch. On the SMA, itself, I noticed a CMD

window running some stuff and everything looked OK.

After the "normal" 45 minutes or so (per the Install Guide), the client

browser in the SMA window had a few messages saying some "successful"

things and also something like counting down to reboot -- I can't

remember and I didn't take note of it because it was expected, per the

release notes. I knew that the SMA was supposed to reboot and

supposedly automatically re-log in (somehow). I left for another hour

or so for something else.

When I came back, the client browser window had a "cannot find server"

browser error. On the SMA, itself, was the normal, Windows reboot

Alt-Ctl-Delete login screen -- it apparently did not re-login, as it

was supposed to. I logged in as administrator, expecting something to

happen automatically, as often does after a software install/reboot.

Instead, nothing. The only thing that I noticed is that the SMA

desktop bitmap has changed to the new, 2.0 image.

So, from the original client, I tried to connect to the old, "normal"

SMA http address:


It connects but is automatically logged in as ANONYMOUS.

**But**, the window does not have the new stuff on it, specifically, the "Getting Started" button -- it is on the "Device Home Page" and only shows two buttons:

HP OpenView Storage Management Appliance
& Compaq Management Agents for Servers.

Clicking the first button, which I had hoped would take me to the

correct screen simply gets an error, "Page cannot be displayed".
It's URL is:


, so it's probably coded as a relative URL, "/OpenSANManager/home".

By clicking the word "Anonymous" on the screen, I can actually log in

with the old, 1.0C administrator password, but it does not help


The SMA v2.0 User Guide says that I should connect to just the SMA IP

address and does not mention the old port 2301. However, this does not

work, either, and 'netstat -an' on the SMA shows nothing listening on

Port 80.

So it appears that something did not run correctly.
I have looked at *every* file on the SMA that changed today and see no errors -- only "Installation Successful".

On the CD, I noticed 2 directories, "OSM" and "UAM", with setup.exe

files in them. I tried running those directly. They come up into a

Windows install wizard and give me a "Repair" option (as well as

Uninstall), so apparently, he thinks that they are already installed.

Doing the "Repair" does not fix anything, either.

Any help would be appreciated -- I am at wits end.

"The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne." - Chaucer
Esteemed Contributor

Re: EVA5000; Storage Management Appliance update to 2.0 problems

Well, HP wasn't able to figure this one out, either.

I had to re-install the SMA from the QuickRestore CD, which went fine.

I then *immediately*, with no service packs applied or any passwords changed or nuthin, updated to the SMA software v2.0.
This time it worked fine :>)

It may be that some config changes on the original SMA caused the problem. I know that the Win2k Administrator password was changed, but I don't know what else.

Of course, I had also applied the January 2002 SMA update and all the subsequent 1.0C service packs and this may be a problem for the latest 2.0 update (although, it shouldn't be).

I'm going to test some more, when time permits, and try to break it again ;>)

"The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne." - Chaucer