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EVA5K anti tilt

Occasional Advisor

EVA5K anti tilt

Is there an anti tilt mechanism on the EVA's. I was told there was but cant find any docs on it?????
Frequent Advisor

Re: EVA5K anti tilt

Please enlighten me, what is an "anti tilt mechanism" ?
Mike Naime
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA5K anti tilt

Are you talking about the stabalizer bars on the bottom of all Compaq/HP cabinets?

There is a slider bar (or 2) that you are supposed to extend prior to servicing extendable equipment on any of the Compaq/HP cabinets.

I do not recall any such stabalizer bar on the EVA storage cabinets. These are not really needed because none of the rack mounted parts are on pull-out rail systems. You unscrew the retainer screws and remove the shelves/controllers from the front of the cabinet. They do not extend out for service like the Alphaservers or other HP servers do.

If you are replacing a redundant power supply, blower fan, Loop controller, or EMU. These all pull out from the back side of the cabinet without removing the storage shelf that they are located in.

Mike Naime.
VMS SAN mechanic
Andy McCreath
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Re: EVA5K anti tilt

There is an anti tilt mechinism..... just behind the door on both sides... where the buttons are... you know, to shoot the silver ball up through the arrays again via the flippers....

Sorry, couldn't resist a bit of humour....

p.s. Did you meant the stabalising kits, like the ones on standard racks?