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EVA5k adding new shelf and disks.

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EVA5k adding new shelf and disks.

Hi All,

I have a few questions, I have EVA5000 with FW ver. 302x. I need to add and configure a new EVA shelf.

A) Is there a table/doc that tells me what size disk is supported?

B) What is the best practice for adding a new shelf_disks? Any doc.


Ian Vaughan
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Re: EVA5k adding new shelf and disks.

Can you tell us what the "x" is in 3.02x? As 3.020 doesn't support some disks that 3.028 does.
EVA5000 support page is here -

Here is best practice guide for configuration -

Disk enclosures can be added "online" by breaking one loop at a time - you need at least 4 disks in an enclosure before the EVA will do anything with it. You'll find that the disk shelf should come with all of the necessary cables and a sheet of instructions.

How many shelves & disks do you have at present? Do you have loop switches?

Hope this helps
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Re: EVA5k adding new shelf and disks.

Ian, Thanks for the quick reply, Controller shows FW version 3020. What is the largest disk size I can goto. Do have just the steps to add a new disks to the enclosure?

Peter Mattei
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Re: EVA5k adding new shelf and disks.

VCS 3.020 introduced support for 300GB FC and 250GB FATA drives.
However I recommend upgrading to VCS 3.028 due to reliability enhancements!

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