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EVA6000 Upgrade

Occasional Contributor

EVA6000 Upgrade

I have a customer who wishes to upgrade an EVA6000 to an EVA8000. I just would like a confirmation on process

1. Power down array
2. Install new loop switches and cable shelves accordingly
3. Swap out controller pair
4. Power on disk shelves
5. Power on controller pair and enter WWN
6. Sort soft zoning on switches to reflect the new SFP WWNs

Is this all correct and to HP process?

Honored Contributor

Re: EVA6000 Upgrade


Are you going to preserve the data on existing EVA?

Anyway, it has to happen HP way so better you rely on HP resources. I see it all correct except that you are missing few things:

1. Prior to upgrade, better upgrade the disk firmware to latest and make sure that all the SAN Switches & FC-HBAs are also up-to-date.

2. Downtime can be more if you need to make the space in shelf to accommodate loop switches.

3. No configuration required on loop switches, the moment they come-up they are all configured, only thing need to take note of connection to the shelf.

I never come across any document for upgrade from 4k/6k to 8k but got this document for upgrade from 3k/5k to 8k, hope this helps a bit during planning, specially if you are preserving the data on EVA disks.