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EVA6100 HDD Ungroup/Remove

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EVA6100 HDD Ungroup/Remove

We have an EVA6100 (2C4D config) that is fully populated with 300GB FC (Bay 1-3), 600GB FC (Bay 4-6) and 1TB FATA (Bay 7-14) drives.  Because we're getting tight on our FC disk groups, I'd like to know if I can swap out a single 1TB FATA (Bay 7) for 600GB FC in each enclosure to expand that FC disk group.  We have plenty of available capacity in the FATA disk group, so I shouldn't be adversely affecting an existing virtual disks on that disk group.


If I want to do this without any downtime, I assume I'll have to perform the following steps methodically:


  1. Ungroup the 1TB drive
  2. Let the FATA disk group level
  3. Remove the 1TB drive & pull that drive
  4. Install the 600GB drive
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each enclosure
  6. Group the 600Gb drives to the FC disk group
  7. Let the FC disk group level

Did I forget anything?  Thanks.

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Re: EVA6100 HDD Ungroup/Remove


What you said is correct but you don't have to wait for leveling to finish this a background process and you have no control over it I would:

1) ungroup the first 1TB drive

2) ungroup the second 1TB drive 

3) ungruop the third 1TB drive

4) ungroup the forth 1TB drive

5) remove all ungrouped drives

6) install the 600GB drives

7) group the 600GB drives

good luck



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Re: EVA6100 HDD Ungroup/Remove

Thanks for confirming.  I'm still planning to ungroup them individually rather than doing all 4 in one shot because of the high failure rate I've seen in the FATA drives over the past few years, usually during the leveling process.  Even though we have the EVAs under a support agreement, I'd prefer to tread carefully.  Thank you again.