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EVA8000 63KB offset

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EVA8000 63KB offset

Hi All, I heard about a 63 or 64 KB or MB not sure which that needs to be offset when installing a brand new EVA8000 XCS600.
anyone know about this ?

Mark Poeschl_2
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA8000 63KB offset

I suspect you're referring to the old best practive for Windows on an EVA where you adjusted the starting block offset of a newly created Vdisk before you used it. With XCS 6.xxx that no longer applies. This is taken from the latest EVA Best Practices White Paper:

"Old best practice: Microsoft DiskPar utility is required for optimum Windows performance with the EVA.
Previous versions of EVA firmware poorly handled the case when transfers were not 2K-aligned. This alignment requirement was eliminated with the 5.xxx versions of XCS. The use of DiskPar neither enhances nor detracts from EVA sequential performance."