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EVA8000 Controller Question


EVA8000 Controller Question


I am looking into a possible problem with one of the controllers in our EVA8000 (XCS6220).

When I have the zoning configuration setup in a way that the Command View server can see all ports on both controllers everything is working as expected, in that I can add both ports on the HBA of the host object in CV.

When I change the zoning to force the CV server only to be able to communicate with Controller A I can see the one port avaialable - as expected.

When I do the opposite and only make Controller B available I loose all access to the EVA from CV. If I use the QLogic HBA SAN Surfer tool on my CV server I can see the HBA logged in to the ports on the EVA, and there are not any errors reported on any of the host ports on either controller in CV, they all report logged into fabric.

From a SAN fabric level it all looks to be communicating, but CV cannot communicate to the array when only controller B is available.

I have noticed that Controller A has the mastership status - is that the cause here? If I was to restart Controller A to force the mastership status to change and then only connect to Controller B should I expect the connection to be established?

Eemans Dany
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA8000 Controller Question


If i am not mistaken, there is only one controller that is the master.
All operations are done on the master controller. To avoid problems (controller faillure, controller reboot, others) when a master ship is trasferred to the other controller, the A port of each controller must be visible to the CV server at all times. The best practice way is present all ports of all controllers to the CV server.

Is there any reason why u use only one port presented to the CV server.
There is no data transfer or usage of resources when no luns are presented to the CV server. They only use resources when changes are applied.

Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA8000 Controller Question

Command View only talks to the master controller. Even if the Command View server has only one HBA and it's connected to one SAN switch, both controllers should be connected to that switch too (ports FP1 & FP3 from both controllers or ports FP2 & FP4 from both controllers), so the Command View can access both controllers and does not matter which one is master.