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Ian C. Ware
Occasional Visitor


Has anyone out there accomplished this combination as yet? I know it is to be supported with 4.18 revision of the Qlogic driver for the FCA2214, but my Solaris system continues to bind to the default Sun Qlogic driver and will not bind to the new Qlogic QLA2300 driver.

Thanks in advance!
Occasional Advisor

Re: EVA8000/Solaris9/FCA2214


Officially the FCA2214 isn't supported on Solaris. The FCA2257P is...

The FCA2257P is QLA2310 based (the FCA2214 is QLA2340 based) so the QLA23xx driver should work anyway...

So.. if we pretend that the FCA2214 is a QLA2340, the latest driver/firmware releases supported from HP is:

Driver: 4.13 or 4.20
Fcode: 2.00.09
FW: 3.2.15

Hope it gets you on track...