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EVA8000 error code not in parsefile

Sven Babitsch
Occasional Advisor

EVA8000 error code not in parsefile

Hi storage people,

we have two EVA8000 systems (6.110) with CA and CV 7.0.1.

In the parsefile I can't find the following two error/event codes : 0x0C58690C and 0x0C5D000C.
I get an error with corrective action code 69 and at the same time the fix with code 00.

EVA-status: OK/green

Attached you can find the logfiles.

I hope somebody can help me.
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA8000 error code not in parsefile

EVA storage is know to not provide a lot information to the end user.

You should open a call and send the log files to HP. They use another tool called "navigator" to translate the events into something meaningful.

If you don't already have, you should install and configure ISEE (or ask for the service). This will report any problems directly to HP.
Por que hacerlo dificil si es posible hacerlo facil? - Why do it the hard way, when you can do it the easy way?
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA8000 error code not in parsefile

I would second what Ivan has said and that is the best thing to go with to know the details of the events.

The event 7719 is for information with event details and hence maybe CAC is 0. This event maybe the outcome of the event 7718 occured earlier.

The event 7718 shows, event number 93/0x5D. Looking at FC-SCSI Interface specification, it means Insufficient memory resources for LUN operation. Maybe it is related to the DRM operation.
Sven Babitsch
Occasional Advisor

Re: EVA8000 error code not in parsefile

I checked the eventfile with EVA Navigator.

I get the following information:
"Excessive data exchange retry rate on the inter site link is preventing acceptable replication throughput: Reducing data exchange resources".
20 seconds later everything is ok again --> "Increasing data exchange resources to improve replication throughput".

1) I don't now why the parsefile can't translate this event code. I will replace the parsefile with the one came with Navigator. Any idea? We used the 210_6110.sss fw-file.

2) I will check the SAN-switches tomorrow at customer side. Maybe wrong settings.

Sven Babitsch
Occasional Advisor

Re: EVA8000 error code not in parsefile

- each fabric has two 8GB trunks
- IOD=1
- DLS=0
- aptpolicy=1

Any idea?

Fontainhas Dias
Occasional Visitor

Re: EVA8000 error code not in parsefile

I wonder if someone out there can provide further input's

I'm having the same issue with two extsan 1606
most likely to be a misconfiguration