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EVA8100 - Oracle - Solaris 10

J Borgia

EVA8100 - Oracle - Solaris 10

I have a Solaris box connected to my EVA8100. I'm ready to build Vdisks for what will be an oracle db system. I need to decide whether to build one large RAID5 Vdisk and build soft partitions using LVM in Solaris to house the data partitions or build multiple Vdisks, one for each data partition. My gutt tells me for best performance, build all separate Vdisks, one for each, but it just seems messy.

Any suggestions? Currently, the previous admin build one large RAID 5 partition, and built soft partitions off of it. I'm just thinking this shouldn't be the way to go. In the old days, the more "spindles" possible, the better.
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Re: EVA8100 - Oracle - Solaris 10

Hi Borgia,

You may like to have a look at the Best Practices & White papers for EVA with critical business applications like Oracle available at http://hp.com/go/hpcft

J Borgia

Re: EVA8100 - Oracle - Solaris 10

Didn't really find anything useful here. Any other opinions on multiple small Vdisks, or one large RAID 5 LUN sliced up into soft partitions using Solaris LVM?
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Re: EVA8100 - Oracle - Solaris 10


maybe not a recomendation but I can share my experience.

environment: 2x rx6600 (IA64), RH Linux AS4 + SG cluster, EVA8000, couple of 9iR2 and 10gR2 DBs

for most of my productive DBs I have set it up so that for online redo logs I have presented LUNs made on "fast" disks (eg. 72G, 15k RPM) in VRAID1 configuration and for rest of the DB (data files, index files, archives logs, binary ...) I use LUNs made on "slower" disks (e.g. 300G, 10k RPM) in VRAID5 configuration.

I was as well looking for some recomendation at the time I had been configuring it but hadn't found anything suitable.
I came to this configuration after discussions with storage and SAN implementation team and analyze of DB loads (read/write ratio, transaction ratio, number of physical I/Os...).
Basically I'm satisfied with this setup from performance point of view in my environment but have never compared it with any other setup.

if you analyze your DB loads you might come to another decision.

just my experience ....

Ivan Ferreira
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Re: EVA8100 - Oracle - Solaris 10

You should consider that LUNs normally also have a queue depth. If you present just one LUN, then probably you are limiting the ammount of commands sent to the storage. You may get better performance if you present more luns even with an EVA storage.

I don't like Solaris SVM. If you can avoid it. You can get some recommendations from Oracle for running over ZFS.

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