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Re: EVA8400 Populated disk

Super Advisor

EVA8400 Populated disk

Hello, I have a EVa8400, and has appeared an error in the Command View, a disk has an alert and his condition is populated disk.

Can anyone explain to me that means? not marked as error, but as populated.

Thank you very much
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Re: EVA8400 Populated disk

What version of command view do you use? i heard couple bugs on 9.1 and should be upgraded to 9.2
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Re: EVA8400 Populated disk

Hello, my version of Command View is 9.1.

Why should I upgrade the Command View? Disk failure is not the Command View

Honored Contributor

Re: EVA8400 Populated disk

You should look in the "disk drive" tab, not the "disk bay" tab.

If the "disk drive" tab does not show information about the disk, or says "the disk on this bay is unindentifiable", then the disk is dectected as present but inoperative.
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Re: EVA8400 Populated disk