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EVAPerf doesn't work on SWMA

Grzegorz Karnas
Occasional Advisor

EVAPerf doesn't work on SWMA

Hi there,

My customer has EVA4000 XCS 5.1 and old Storage Works Management Appliance (SWMA) ver. 1 software upgraded to ver. 2.1.
He has installed Command View 5.0 on it and it works fine. But when I tried to run EVAPerf 1.2 I got following info:
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\EVA Performance Monitor>evaperf ls
No EVA systems were found

Of course I can run EVAPerf from different server and it works fine (with or without mapped drives from EVA - it doesn't matter)

Look in attached file:
Page 2
HP CV EVA 5.0.x (EVAPerf 1.2;SMI-S EVA 5.0;SSSU 5.0) supported with EVA4000 XCS 5.1x
Page 5
HP Command View EVA 4.0 and later supported with SWMA
Page 6
Storage Management Appliance supported with HP CV EVA 6.0 & EVAPerf 6.0
It is NOT supported with SSSU 5.0 but it works fine with it.

I need all software managed EVA on one server and SWMA is good place for them so I need help to run EVAPerf on it.

Is anybody can help me??

Patti T

Re: EVAPerf doesn't work on SWMA

We just upgraded to Command View 6.0 on our appliance and had the same problem. I found the answer in the release notes. You have to modify the Emulex adapter settings with the Emulex configuration tool (elxcfg.exe) and then reboot. Perfmon still isn't seeing the EVA counters, but at least I can collect info from the command line.

HP Command View EVAPerf fails to collect array information
Symptom: After installing HP Command View EVAPerf on an SMA and running the evaperf ls command, the following error message appears:
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\EVA Performance Monitor>evaperf ls
The HP EVA Performance Data Collection Service (evapdcs) does not seem to be running
Attempting to start the service
The service has been started
No EVA systems were found
Resolution: Check the Emulex adapter settings. In the Adapter Controls box, if Lun Mapping is selected, clear the check box and then delete the mapping for LUN 0. Run the command again. HP Command View EVAPerf will collect array information successfully.