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EVAPerf problems

Domen Setar

EVAPerf problems


I want to use EVAPerf to observe performance issues on EVA3000 and EVA6000 systems. But I'm getting performance data only from EVA3000. EVA6000 doesn't provide any data. Does anyone know what could be wrong?
I'm using CVE V8.0.

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Re: EVAPerf problems

Not exactly sure what's going on here, but here's what I'd try for starts. Fire up evaperf and run "evaperf fnh". To run this command you have to supply the FQDN of your SMS (or SMA...whatever you want to call it) and a username of an account that has access to CV (typically in the form of DOMAIN\username). The next prompt will ask you for the password of the account. So the initial command would look like this:

evaperf fnh servername.doman.com DOMAIN\username

After you supply the password and it's successful the command will spit back some info letting you know if the array was accessible.

Next, just simply issue any of the evaperf usage commands, for example, evaperf ls. Does the command give you output about your 6000?

If it does, then you can start collecting data at intervals and pipe the output to a CSV file.

Still having problems...try reinstalling evaperf?