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EVAperf and CV on ABM


EVAperf and CV on ABM


I must connect evaperf to CV on ABM to get statistics for my P6350 monitoring system. 

My monitoring server (with evaperf installed) has IP x.y.z.101 and ABM on p6350 is x.y.z.110.

Monitoring server has no FC connection to disk array.


The problem is no matter how I try to configure evaperf it does not return most of the values:

Step One: evaperf server x.y.z.101 860 admin

Step Two: evaperf cvconfig x.y.z 2372 admin@MGMTMOD (default account changed)


Both veryfication says accessible, evaperf fn shows hosts and vdisks but "evaperf ls" says "No storage systems were found"


Should it work? I've tried almost all posilble configuration but it never works.


Can anyone help?




Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: EVAperf and CV on ABM

Hey, from "HP P6000 Command View Software Suite User Guide": http://bizsupport2.austin.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/c03375092/c03375092.pdf


"With HP P6000 Command View server-based management, you can use HP P6000 Performance

Data Collector (formerly HP Command View EVAPerf) to monitor and display array performance
metrics from a command line interface or a graphical user interface. HP P6000 Performance Data
Collector is not directly available on array-based management; however, HP P6000 Performance
Data Collector can be installed on a host or server with an Fibre Channel connection to the storage


Sounds like you need a machine with FC connectivity to the P6350. You can install CV in a virtual machine, there are some caveats to it to get evaperf working there though. Check out the P6000 Compatibility Matrix.