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EVM is my problem... sigh

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

EVM is my problem... sigh

Hi, I'm new to this product so I'm searching for some help here.
My problem is: I've an HSG80 connected to a FC switch. I need to manage it via EVM.
I've installed SWCC and EVM on my EVM server (WinNt). EVM services start but in tree view it can't see any subsystem, even if i've configured my subsys as "subsys1" and I can issue commands via CLI (via the WEB interface) to my HSG80. If I open a log file (/EVM/Log folder) I can see there's a "no swcc agent seen" line as well as "we are the server" etc...

Sigh...please can anyone help me???
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: EVM is my problem... sigh

When you install the SWCC software you have to be sure to install theSWCC Agent with it. After installation you have to then configure it. Configuring means 1.setting a password and, 2. defining the machine(s) which are allowed to connect over the agent. After the configuration you have to stop-and-start it again (reboot is not necessary). IMPORTANT: ONLY INSTALL AGENT ON A MACHINE WHICH CONNECTS TO THE SAN!!! (Also, only one agent per HSG-Pair)