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EVMCL and BC EVA Job Scheduler

Super Advisor

EVMCL and BC EVA Job Scheduler

I need to know the difference between these two and their significance.
What about their advantages , disadvantages and limitations for making a automated
process for vsnap or snapclone creation.

How do I ensure the status of BC jobs through EVMCL?

EVA 5000 ( 2C6D )
Business Copy EVA Ver 2.3
CommandView EVA Ver 3.3
VCS 3025
DP 5.1 ( without ZDB or EVA Integration )

Anyone out there can put real scenarios and smart replies?

Points for everyone and Full points for Smart Replies!!!!!!

Thanks in Advance
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: EVMCL and BC EVA Job Scheduler

What you know today as "BC EVA" software was previously (Digital/ Compaq) called the "Enterprise Volume Manager" (EVM) and the EVA 'Snapshot' function.

EVMCL is a (C)ommand (L)ine interface to talk to the BC server. Information is _very_ limited - I think you have to consult the online help.

The BC EVA Job Scheduler is embedded in the BC server on the EVA Management Server (historically the SMA - Storage Management Appliance). It is used to automatically start predefined jobs at certain times.

EVMCL can also used to trigger BC Jobs, but I have not memorized it's syntax, forgive me ;-)
If I recall correctly, you can get online help with:
> evmcl /?


If I were you, I'd not bother with BC V2.3. I found it quite a pain to deal with. Take a look at the Replication Solutions Manager (RSM) instead!

Thorsten Herd
Occasional Advisor

Re: EVMCL and BC EVA Job Scheduler

We use bc for backup integration, the script calls the bc scripts and subsequently calls the backup routine.

by default evmcl will wait for the finish of the script and return a return code of 0 if it was successfull, which is easy to work with.

some example shell
/opt/CPQevm/bin/evmcl $appliance run "$BCscript"
echo $err `date` >>/tmp/bcv.$day.log
if [ $err != 0 ]
echo $BCscript failed with exit code `$err
echo script finished with success
your logic

there are different return codes for evmcl, depending if you do run command, or undo, ...

for run it is the following
0 Job was started and ran to completion
1 Run command was issued with immediate return (/i switch)
3 Job was not started â unknown switch
5 Job was not started â job has failed or has an unexpected state
6 Job was not started â unknown job name
7 Job was not started â unknown command
8 Job was started and has paused (due to a BC pause operation)
10 Job was not started â job state was incorrect for this command
12 Job was not started â connection problem with the BC server occurred

you can also use
evmcl $sanapp statusfull $jobname
which will return the status of the entire job, step by step very detailed, much like the log would show it

there are two more status commands

evmcl $sanapp status $jobname
gives you a very basic job status

evmcl $sanapp detailstatus $jobname
this one will follow up as the job gets executed, much like the progress bar you can see in the gui when you follow a job execution, listing percentage of job, current step in progress, ...

I would not use the scheduler, I prefer using cron with evmcl. This way affords much more control based on job failures and reporting any way I like.

good luck

Super Advisor

Re: EVMCL and BC EVA Job Scheduler